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What is EVMcrispr?

EVMcrispr is a powerful tool that combines a command line interface with a Javascript library to create multi-action EVM scripts, including interacting with Aragon DAOs. With it, you can bundle many operations into just one script, generating a singular transaction, or create multiple transactions using a single script.

In its current state, EVMcrispr is proficient at managing DAOs using the AaragonOS framework, including Garden DAOs. It currently supports AragonOS v4 and v5, allowing for a wealth of possible DAO actions, including:

  • Installing new native and custom Aragon apps.
  • Granting or revoking permissions.
  • Modifying the settings of apps.
  • Creating internal actions with installed apps or interacting with external contracts on the blockchain.

However, EVMcrispr is much more; the true beauty of this tool is that you don't need to be a pro developer to create complex and powerful EVMscripts that can interact with multiple smart contracts and create multiple actions. There are only two requirements to start using this tool:

  1. A modern web browser installed (we recommend Firefox or Brave).
  2. A crypto web wallet extension installed on a said modern browser (like MetaMask).

That being said, to fully grasp the utilities of EVMcrispr, you should have some intermediate knowledge of Ethereum, Javascript, and navigating Block Explorers such as Etherscan, for example.

Using EVMcrispr​

The most typical application of EVMcrispr will be to create multi-action scripts that can be sent to DAOs to be voted on. As mentioned, EVMcrispr, in its current form, is tailor-made to work within the AragonOS framework, navigating its library of native and custom apps and system of permissions.

example EVMcrispr terminal

The EVMcrispr terminal is where you will make your scripts. This is where the magic happens. Simply connect with your web wallet and switch to the same EVM-compatible chain of the DAO that you want to interact with (i.e., Mainnet, Matic, Gnosis Chain, etc.).

Sending Scripts​

When writing a script, each line on the terminal defines another action that will be bundled into the same script.

Once you're ready to send your script, hit Forward, and EVMcrispr will generate the transaction for you to sign with your web wallet.

You can use the' exec' command to send a script of multiple actions to a specific contract or multiple contracts on the connected network. Follow this syntax:

exec <contractAddress> <functionName>([...argumentTypes]) [...parameters]

For example:

set $token.tokenlist
set $farm 0xD93d3bDBa18ebcB3317a57119ea44ed2Cf41C2F2
set $token-manager 0x24F2d06446AF8D6E89fEbC205e7936a602a87b60

exec $farm getReward()
exec @token(GIV) approve(address,uint256) $token-manager @token.balance(GIV,@me)
exec $token-manager wrap(uint256) @token.balance(GIV,@me)

Or, if you're sending scripts to an AragonOS-compatible DAO, you'll need to preface your scripts with the connect command. More on that in the AragonOS section

Sending Multiple Scripts​

If you want to send multiple scripts at once, you must separate them with a blank row. Each separated script will produce a separate transaction that needs to be signed with your web wallet. Here's a basic idea of how this would look:

# script 1
connect <myDAO> [...forwardPath] (

# script 2
connect <myOtherDAO> [...forwardPath] (

Managing Scripts​


You can title and save scripts into your script library with the save button in the top right corner of the terminal. It will save your EVMcrispr script for later use in your browser's local storage.

saving scripts on terminal


Any script inside your terminal can be copied and shared via a simple URL. First, click the share button near the top right edge of the terminal window, which will upload the script to IPFS and create a unique URL with an IPFS hash. The full URL is then copied to your clipboard and ready to be shared!


You can see a tab named Library on the right-hand side of the terminal screen. Clicking this will open up a list of your saved scripts. Click on a script in your library to load it into the terminal.


If you clear or delete your browser's local data storage, you will erase all your saved scripts in your script library! If you want to permanently save a script, try clicking the share button and keep a copy of the URL somewhere safe.

Who uses EVMcrispr?​

Some notable DAOs have already found great success using EVMcrispr. Check out some of the use cases these formidable DAOs have found:

Who made EVMcrispr?​

EVMcrispr is a product of Blossom Labs, a duo of two top-notch smart contract developers, Sem and Elessar. You can check out all of the open-source products they have built on their Github Organization.