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EVMcrispr has been designed as a tool that can support various platforms and protocols. Specialized commands and helpers have been broken down into modules that users can load separately. This allows EVMcrispr to scale and become modular.

Loading modules​

Modules can be loaded using the following syntax:

load <moduleName> as <alias>

The moduleName is the name of the module. We can find an exhaustive list of modules further down in this article. The alias is any string you want to set to quickly call this module at the beginning of each action you create.

For example:

load aragonos as ar

ar:connect exampleDAO token-manager voting (
exec token-manager mint @me 100e18

List of modules​

Here is a breakdown of current modules, how to load them, and their associated commands and helpers:

std (Default)​

This is the default module and does not need to be loaded in order to use it's associated commands and helpers. Nevertheless here is an exhaustive list of std associated commands and helpers:


  • load
  • exec
  • switch
  • set


  • @date
  • @get
  • @id
  • @ipfs
  • @me
  • @token
  • @token.balance

Aragon OS​

This module is for commands and helpers specifically related to the Aragon OS framework. Inside EVMcrispr it is referenced as aragonos. You can load it using this syntax:

load aragonos as <alias>

Here is an exhaustive list of all associated commands and helpers for aragonos:


  • act
  • connect
  • forward
  • grant
  • install
  • new-dao
  • new-token
  • revoke
  • upgrade


  • @aragonEns

Learn more about using Aragon OS with EVMcrispr.